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FOREVER is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of aloe vera products for over 45 years.
Aloe vera has many medicinal and health properties that help you feel good and look good inside and out. We make our products from high-quality aloe vera and internal leaf gel, which is collected by hand and processed within hours of picking, so that we can bring you aloe vera in its most natural form.

שדה אלוורה - FOREVER

A history of health and beauty

Aloe vera has been famous for hundreds of years for its soothing properties, and for providing moisture and a cool feeling to the skin. Aloe barbadensis Miller is the richest aloe species in terms of its nutritional and health properties and this is the type that grows here. The aloe vera plant is known for its lush leaves, its tropical appearance and the gel from the face of the leaf – a cool and soothing gel with medicinal properties that exist naturally in it. Aloe vera is becoming increasingly popular in both the beauty and health industries, and is used for its healing and beautifying properties. The aloe vera plant is one of the oldest recorded botanical crops dating back to 2200 BC.

Aloe vera - the ultimate superfood

Most of us are used to using the aloe vera plant for external application, but in fact also when used internally it has many properties and qualities of a medicinal plant with a wide range of virtues and benefits; Assistance in strengthening the immune system due to the unique polysaccharides and nutrients that make up the plant, assistance in maintaining the digestive system, fusion of ulcers and damaged tissues in the upper and lower digestive tract, reduction of inflammatory processes, antacids in situations of heartburn, soothes mouth and gum infections with its antibacterial properties, Increases the activity of fibroblasts, which improves the skin’s appearance and renewal.

abundance of health

The aloe vera plant is full of vitamins, antioxidant minerals and dietary fiber – a host of nutrients such as essential fatty acids and amino acids, dietary fiber,
Omega 3, zinc, selenium and vitamins A, B and C. In fact, the aloe vera plant contains most of the nutrients necessary for humans and is therefore considered a complete and nutritious food.

Soothes and cools the skin

The most effective natural treatment for burns and minor skin irritations

strengthens the immune system

About unique polysaccharides

Helps maintain the digestive system

and supports the process of absorbing nutrients from the food we consume into the bloodstream more efficiently

rich in nutrients

Rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and 19 of the 20 essential amino acids for the human body

Antiviral activity

Rich in polysaccharides that protect the body from attacks by various viruses

Increases collagen and elastin production

Improves the appearance of the skin by increasing the activity of fibroblasts

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect

Thanks to the presence of anti-inflammatory substances

Affects the population of bacteria in the intestines

Acts as a natural balancer for the population of bacteria and yeast in the intestines

We know our aloe vera best

FOREVER is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of aloe vera products. We own the plantations in the USA and the Caribbean – where the climate is ideal for this purpose. Therefore we can say exactly how and where the plant was grown and guarantee that there were no pesticides or chemical fertilizers in our aloe fields. Over the course of four decades, FOREVER has grown to be the most important manufacturer of aloe vera products in the world by striking the right balance between tradition and innovation.

קטיף אלוורה

Proud of a long tradition

We have been growing and harvesting our aloe vera leaves using the same method for over 45 years – each plant is carefully nurtured and harvested by hand. It can be easier and more profitable to use automated machines to harvest the aloe vera leaves quickly, and rely less on human touch. But this shortcut, in the guise of progress, has a real price. It crushes and destroys larger parts of the plant, leading to environmental damage and mediocre quality in the finished product. There is no substitute for human touch when it comes to choosing the perfect leaves.

Innovation in action

After harvest, the next stop is an off-field factory where each leaf is manually decanted to use the maximum amount of the leaf’s inner gel. The piloting is done with smooth and flowing movements that require a combination of speed and precision. After the gel is tested, it goes through the stabilization process , which uses a flash heating method to preserve the benefits and freshness of the inside of the aloe vera leaf while safely reducing the amount of bad bacteria. In this way, the need to use preservatives is eliminated.
Studies have shown that this process preserves 300% more of the aloe vera’s natural vitamin content. To ensure the highest nutritional value is preserved, FOREVER’s aloe vera is always processed within six hours of harvest.

פילוט אלוורה
הליך יצור אלוורה - FOREVER

The people who make it happen

Investing in the right processing processes cannot work if you don’t also invest in the right people. This is why the FOREVER company pays its employees in the Dominican Republic a salary that is 40% to 50% higher than other companies operating in the same region. The workers employed in the company’s fields and processing plants know that the quality of work they put in every day is essential to the production of Forever products that people all over the world rely on.

Fresh straight from our fields

It all starts in our aloe vera plantations in Texas and the Dominican Republic

אזור ייצור אלוורה - FOREVER
תהליך ייצוב אלוורה

The stabilization process - our unique patent

FOREVER’s aloe vera is not boiled or pasteurized, which are cheaper and faster preservation processes. Too high a heat, destroys the active ingredients. We only use temperatures below the Pasteur level – a process also known as the “cold process” – in order to ensure the preservation of the activity of the enzymes and other components that are sensitive to high temperatures. The cold process locks in the nutrients immediately after harvesting and allows the product to retain its fullness for a very long time. FOREVER’s aloe vera is not reconstituted from a frozen wave or from its dried powder. Freezing the wave or drying it makes it possible to reach a higher “concentration” and “strength” but not necessarily a higher activity. FOREVER products are made from 100% stabilized aloe vera gel, straight from the plant into the product, and to you.

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel – Patent No. 686924-6713095

FOREVER's aloe vera - from the plant to the product and to you

Watch the journey of our aloe vera, from the fields to the final product.

IASC certification of excellence

Our aloe products were the first to receive the seal from the International Aloe Science Council (IASC), a certification that is a guarantee of content and purity.

Aloe vera products are presented

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